Rabbit Fluoro flame&green

Rabbit Fluoro flame&green trout fly
Rabbit_Fluoro_flame&green trout fly, category New Zealand Classic Streamers


Hook:Mustad 3666
Thread:black 3/0 monocord
Tail:red squirrel tail fibres
Rib:medium gold oval tinsel
Body:back 2/3 Danville Fluoro Green(Color 504) with front 1/3 Flame(Color 505) nylon chenille
Wing:2.5 mm wide strip of dried, but untanned, rabbit pelt, with medium gray fur and medium tan tips, tied in at the head, and then ribbed with the oval tinsel
Hackle:3 turns of soft, cree or honey grizzly rooster hackle, and wound back, wet fly style
Head:black thread, whip-finished and superglued

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