Tungsten Blackbead Cadillac Pheasant Tail

Tungsten Blackbead Cadillac Pheasant Tail trout fly
Tungsten_Blackbead_Cadillac_Pheasant_Tail trout fly, category Tungsten Beadhead Caddis Nymphs


Hook:Tiemco 2457
Thread:brown 6/0 Flymaster
Tail:moose body hairs, stacked
Back:copper or gold mylar, over abdomen
Rib:fine copper wire, tied counterclockwise
Abdomen:phesant tail fibres, wound around hook shank
Wingcase:moose body hairs
Thorax:light brown synthetic Arizona peacock
Legs:trimmed ends of wingcase's moose hairs,divided and evenly distributed on both sides
Bead:black tungsten

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