Taupo, Tongariro & Turangi Trout Fishing Report

Map of trout fishing lakes and streams in the Taupo, New Zealand, fishing district

Tongariro River 7 day flow graph
Tauranga-Taupo River level

Taupo & Turangi trout fishing streams & lakes:
1. Tongariro River
2. Tokaanu Tailrace
3. Lake Rotoaira
4. Lake Otamangakau
5. Omori Stream
6. Kuratau Lake
7. Kuratau River
8. Whareroa River
9. Whanganui Stream
10. Waihaha River
11. Waihora River
12. Omoho Stream
13. Otaketake Stream
14. Whangamata Stm
15. Mapara Stream
16. Waikato River
17. Waitahanui River
18. Lake Rotongaio
19. Hinemaiaia River
20. Waipehi Stream
21. Waitetoko Stream
22. Tauranga-Taupo R
23. Waimarino River
24. Waiotaka River
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Taupo and Turangi fishing
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Wednesday 22 July 7:22 am
Air Temp0°C=32°F
Lake Temp15°C=59°F
Hi est12°C=53°F
Lo est0°C=32°F
Wind:5 mph, SE
Barometer :1016, rising
Taupo level: sealevel+356.450m
%full~outflow: 42.9%~200m3/s
32.7% dec
nautical twilight:06:27~18:19
20 pound rainbow trout hooked on globug
20 pound rainbow trout hooked on globug

Thanks to Trevor Saunders for the photographs at right and below, received with the following report:

"Hi Lee,

Just wanted to compliment you on the strength and durability of your superfly flies.

The pictures attached are of a 20 pound 7 ounce rainbow I caught on July 10th in Tekapo canal by the control gates using a size 12 globug I purchased from you. When I examined the fly after I had landed the fish it was still in perfect condition, no stretching of the hook or deformation of any kind. This was after a 20 minute game of “Battle of Wills” with the fish. The fly went on to hook another 2 fish and was finally lost when I got spooled by a fish of unknown size (rather large I suspect).

Anyway keep up the good work in providing us with top quality flies.
Trevor Saunders (Palmerston North)

Thanks to Jason Bleibtreu for working on the

Riverbirches Lodge webcam

superfly.co.nz has 467 patterns of trout flies tied on Kamasan, Mustad, and Tiemco hooks.

Tungsten Nickelbead Flashback Pheasant Tail
in size 12,
Tungsten Goldbead Flashback Pheasant Tail
in size 14,
the Royal Wulff fluorogreen
in sizes 12 and 14,
the Mole Fly in sizes 10 and 12,
the Jansen Baby Brook in size 6,
and the
Goldbead Hare Thorax Brassie

in sizes 14 and 16 were added on 04 March 2014.

report by Lee Hinkleman

Trevor Saunders with 20 pound rainbow trout
Trevor Saunders with 20 pound rainbow trout

Specific details:
Tongariro RiverDecent catches continued yesterday, mostly in middle and upper river water

Tongariro River level & flow measured at the Major Jones Pool

Tongariro River Flow

moon & sun calculated for 22 July 7:22 am at 39° 0 minutes S latitude 175° 54 minutes E longitude

Lake Taupo temperature measured at 38° 50 minutes S latitude 175° 48 minutes E longitude, 2 meter depth
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