30 September 2021

I had hoped checkout could re-open before October

But checkout must remain closed for now.

It may re-open more consistently in 2022, with all 532 trout fly patterns

Globug AlaskanRoe
Globug ApricotSupreme&AlaskanRoe
Globug ApricotSupreme&SteelheadOrange
Globug Champagne&AlaskanRoe
Globug Champagne&SteelheadOrange
Globug Champagne&DeepDarkRed
Globug Champagne&Flame
Globug Chartreuse&Cherise
Globug CreamDelight&SteelheadOrange
Globug Egg&SteelheadOrange
Globug Flame
Globug OregonCheese&SteelheadOrange
Globug PeachyKing&DeepDarkRed
Globug PeachyKing&Flame
Globug SalmonEgg&AlaskanRoe
Globug SalmonEgg&DeepDarkRed
Globug ShrimpPink&Flame
Globug SteelheadOrange&DeepDarkRed
Globug White&DeepDarkRed
Bling Globug ApricotSupreme&AlaskanRoe
Bling Globug ApricotSupreme&DeepDarkRed
Bling Globug Champagne&AlaskanRoe
Bling Globug Champagne&SteelheadOrange
Bling Globug DeepDarkRed
Bling Globug Flame
Bling Globug NiagaraGold&Flame
Bling Globug SalmonEgg&DeepDarkRed
Bling Globug SteelheadOrange&DeepDarkRed

Muppet ApricotSupreme&AlaskanRoe
Muppet ApricotSupreme&SteelheadOrange
Muppet Champagne&AlaskanRoe
Muppet Champagne&SteelheadOrange
Muppet PeachyKing&Flame
Muppet SalmonEgg&DeepDarkRed
Muppet SteelheadOrange&DeepDarkRed

Krystal Egg pink
Krystal Egg orange

Adams Amber
Black Gnat
Blowfly Humpy
Blowfly Humpy black&brown
Blowfly Humpy brown
Blowfly Humpy metallic blue
Blowfly Humpy peacock
Blue Winged Olive
Dads Favourite
Gray Wulff
Greenwells Glory tailless
Greenwells Glory
Humpy green
Humpy red
Humpy yellow
Irresistible Adams
Irresistible Wulff
Kakahi Queen
Quill Gordon
Red Tipped Governor
Royal Coachman
Royal Wulff
Royal Wulff fluorogreen
Slow Water Caddis
Twilight Beauty blonde
Twilight Beauty redhead

CDC Elk Caddis
Crunchy Caddis
Elk Hair Caddis brown
Elk Hair Caddis olive
Foamwing Sedge
Goddards Sedge
Henrysville Caddis
Kingsriver Caddis
Mallard Wing Caddis
Streaking Caddis
Slow Water Caddis

Adams Parachute
Adams Parachute brown
Blue Winged Olive Parachute
Klinkhammer brown&cream
Klinkhammer brown&olive&peacock
Klinkhammer grizzly&brown&olive
Klinkhammer grizzly&brown&peacock
Klinkhammer Coachman
Loves Lure

Special Dry Flies
Coch y bondhu
Coch y bondhu gray
Coch y bondhu winged
Damsel Adult crimson
Double Renegade
Dragonfly Adult blue
Dragonfly Adult tan
Lacewing Moth mallard
Lacewing Moth pheasant
Mole Fly
Rubberlegged Royal Stimulator
Stimulator Orange
Stimulator Yellow&Olive Rubberlegs
Stimulator Olive&Orange
Stimulator Yellow&Orange
Stimulator Olive&Gold
Stimulator Royal

Deerhair Beetle brown
Electric Beetle green Foamback
Electric Peacock Housefly
Foam Cicada rubberlegged green
Foam Cicada rubberlegged tan
Japanese Beetle
Madame X Parachute peacock
Louies Cicada
Mallard Wing Cicada black
Mallard Wing Cicada olive
Mallard Wing Cicada bright green
Mallard Wing Cicada mint green
Mallard Wing Cicada brown&olive
Mallard Wing Cicada natural&olive
Mallard Wing Cicada natural&brightgreen
Mountain Cicada natural&brightgreen
Mountain Cicada
Mountain Cicada Mallard Wing
Mountain Cicada beige
Mountain Cicada beige Mallard Wing
Mountain Cicada brown
Mountain Cicada brown Mallard Wing
Mountain Cicada green
Mountain Cicada green Mallard Wing
Baby Mouse
Zonker Mouse
San Juan Worm earthworm
San Juan Worm redworm
SuperCicada brown&olive
SuperCicada natural&olive
Streambank Hopper
Turks Tarantula orange blacklegs
Turks Tarantula tan blacklegs
Turks Tarantula orange whitelegs
Turks Tarantula tan whitelegs

New Zealand Classic Streamers
Bomber black
Bomber brown
Brown Killer
Featherwing Matuka olive&red
Fuzzy Wuzzy black
Fuzzy Wuzzy brown
La Giaconda
Fuzzy Wuzzy green
Fuzzy Wuzzy lumo
Fuzzy Wuzzy red
Fuzzy Wuzzy yellow
Hairy Dog black
Hairy Dog green
Hairy Dog red
Hamills Killer brown
Hamills Killer green
Hamills Killer 2XL green
Hamills Killer red
Hamills Killer yellow
Hamills Killer 2XL yellow
Kilwell Number One
Golden Kilwell green
Golden Kilwell red
Mallard Killer
Mrs Simpson green
Mrs Simpson red
Mrs Simpson yellow
Parsons Glory
Parsons Glory Krystal Overwing
Parsons Glory fluorogreen
Parsons Glory XL fluorogreen
Parsons Glory red
Parsons Glory red Krystal Overwing
Red Setter
Red Setter Pup
Rabbit blonde&pink
Rabbit black
Rabbit BurntOrange
Rabbit Flashwing Olive
Rabbit Fluoro flame&green
Rabbit green
Rabbit green&red
Rabbit lightolive&red
Rabbit red&olive
Rabbit orange
Rabbit red
Rabbit Redhead red
Rabbit yellow
Rabbit Smelt

Woolly Buggers and Flashabuggers
Flashabugger olive&olive Goldbead
Woolly Bugger black&black
Woolly Bugger black&green
Woolly Bugger grizzly&insectgreen
Woolly Bugger brown&brown
Woolly Bugger grizzly&black
Woolly Bugger grizzly&brown
Woolly Bugger grizzly&olive Goldbead
Woolly Bugger grizzly&olive Redbead
Woolly Bugger grizzly&lightolive
Woolly Bugger olive&olive
Woolly Bugger olive&insectgreen
Flashabugger 3XL black&green
Flashabugger 3XL black&peacock
Flashabugger 1XL black&green Goldbead
Flashabugger 3XL black&green Goldbead
Flashabugger 3XL black&peacock Goldbead
Flashabugger 3XL browngrizzlypeacock Goldbead
Flashabugger 1XL olive&olive Goldbead
Flashabugger 3XL olive&olive Goldbead
Woolly Bugger OrangeTag honey&olive
Woolly Bugger OrangeTag honey&olive Goldbead
Woolly Bugger 2XL grizzly&insectgreen
Woolly Bugger 2XL grizzly&olive
Woolly Bugger 2XL olive&olive
Woolly Bugger 3XL black&peacock
Woolly Bugger 3XL brown&brown
Woolly Bugger 3XL grizzly&black
Woolly Bugger 3XL grizzly&brown
Woolly Bugger 3XL grizzly&insectgreen
Woolly Bugger 3XL olive&insectgreen
Woolly Bugger 3XL olive&purpleESTAZ
Woolly Bugger 3XL grizzly&olive
Woolly Bugger 3XL olive&olive
Woolly Bugger 3XL black Goldbead
Woolly Bugger 3XL olive&olive Goldbead
Woolly Bugger 2XL black&grizzly&burntorange
Woolly Bugger 3XL grizzly&olive Goldbead
Woolly Bugger 3XL grizzly&olive Redbead
Woolly Bugger 3XL grizzly&insectgreen Goldbead

Special Streamers
Blackwing Optic Matuka Muddler
Brown Zonker
Burglar olive
Burglar Hackle Tail
Burglar Krystal Red
Crystal Crayfish
Crystal Crayfish black&green
Deer Hair Sculpin
Dorothy silver
Franks Lumo Marabou
Ginger Mick
Ginger Mick silverbody
Ginger Mick silverbody KrystalFlash
Ginger Mick Flashabou
Ginger Mick KrystalFlash
Green Orbit KrystalFlash
Green Orbit OliveBody
Green Orbit Purple&Red
Green Orbit RedBody
Gray Ghost fluorogreen
Gray Ghost pearl UV ghostwhite
Gray Ghost pearl UV
Grey Ghost Epoxy Head
Grey Ghost Epoxy Head dark
Grey Ghost Epoxy Head Purplehaze
Humpback Booby black
Humpback Booby olive
Humpback Booby pearl
Ice Rabbit
Jansen Baby Brook
Jansen Baby Brown
Jansen Baby Rainbow
Koura Crayfish
Lumo Craigs Nighttime
Lumo Scotch Poacher
Jack Spratt
Jack Spratt honeygrizzly
Mallard Smelt epoxy&pearl
Mallard Smelt epoxy&pearl blue
Mallard Smelt epoxy&pearl lightblue
Marabou Leech black&olive
Marabou Leech olive&olive
Natural Zonker
Zonker Smelt
Pearl Booby
Rabbit Bully
Silicone Smelt
Softshell Crayfish
Taupo Tiger
Taupo Tiger yellow
Taupo Tiger fluorogreen
Taupo Tiger furnace purple
Taupo Tiger furnace red
Tims Special
Yellow Lady
Zonker black
Zonker olive
Zonker white
Zonker white_cutthroat

Emergers and nymphs
Black Gnat wetfly
CDC Emerger brown&olive
Chironomid Pupa
Copperjohn green
Copperjohn lime
Czech Nymph
Dads Favourite wetfly
Stone olive
Damsel olive
Dragonfly Swimming
Dragonfly Swimming longlegs
Daves Claret Nymph
Flashback black rubberlegs
Franks Flashback
Franks Flashback pearl
Frying Pan
Frying Pan Flashback
Ginger Quill wetfly
Greenwells Glory wetfly
Halfback nohackle
March Brown
March Brown wetfly
March Brown wetfly grub
Prince beadless
Red Blood Worm
Ricos Stonefly olive
Steves Green Stone
Stone Braided black&pearl
Stone Braided chocolate&pearl
Stone Dark
Stone brown&olive
Timberline Emerger
Water Boatman
Zug Bug

Caddis Nymphs
Black Elk Wing Emerger
Caddis pearl
Caddis white
Caddis Rockworm green
Caddis Rockworm olive
Czech Nymph
Electric Caddis Olive
Jeffs Caddis
Netbuilder Amber
Netbuilder Olive
Willow Grub
Willow Grub peacock thorax
Z Wing Olive&Amber

Hare Nymphs
Hares Ear goldribbed
Hares Ear goldribbed Flashback

Pheasant Tails
Pheasant Tail
Pheasant Tail original
Pheasant Tail Copper Thorax
Pheasant Tail fluorescent orange Thorax
Pheasant Tail Full Flashback
Pheasant Tail Flashback
Red Pheasant Tail Flashback
Red Pheasant Tail
Red Pheasant Tail original
Red Pheasant Tail Copper Thorax

Beadhead Attractor Nymphs
Goldbead Bubbleback Emerger
Flashback olive Goldbead
Copperbead Swimming Peacock
Copperjohn Copperbead
Copperjohn Goldbead
Copperjohn red Goldbead
Rubberlegged Copperjohn Goldbead
Copperjohn lime Goldbead
Dutch CDC Goldbead
Dark Lord
Glitter Epoxy Copper Bomb Copperbead
Glitter Epoxy Copper Bomb Goldbead
Goldbead Flashback Rubberlegged Prince
Halfback Goldbead nohackle
Halfback Goldbead
Copperbead Micro Mayfly brown
Copperbead Micro Mayfly olive
Nymph Deluxe
Prince Copperbead
Prince Goldbead
Goldbead Bloodworm
Stone golden Rubberlegs Goldbead

Beadhead Caddis Nymphs
Blackbead Caddis chartreuse
Blackbead Hares Ear olive
Blackbead Super Pupa
Blackbead Willow Grub
Blackbead Willow Grub peacock thorax
Cadillac Pheasant Tail Blackbead
Cadillac Pheasant Tail Green Thorax Blackbead
Cadillac Pheasant Tail Olive Thorax Blackbead
Cadillac Pheasant Tail Copperbead
Cadillac Pheasant Tail Goldbead
Copperbead Stick Caddis
Goldbead Hare Thorax Brassie
Metallic Caddis Copperbead copper
Metallic Caddis Goldbead chartreuse
Metallic Caddis Goldbead green

Beadhead Hare Nymphs
Blackbead Goldribbed Hares Ear Flashback
Copperbead Goldribbed Hares Ear Flashback
Goldbead Goldribbed Hares Ear Flashback
Blackbead Goldribbed Hares Ear Full Flashback
Copperbead Goldribbed Hares Ear Full Flashback
Goldbead Goldribbed Hares Ear Full Flashback
Goldbead Hares Ear goldribbed
Hare&Copper Goldbead
Hare&Copper Copperbead
Hare&Copper Copperbead Heavy
Hare&Copper Goldbead Heavy
Heavy Eyed Hairbug
Heavy Eyed Hairbug Squirrel

Beadhead Pheasant Tails
Blackbead Flashback Pheasant Tail
Copperbead Pheasant Tail copper thorax
Copperbead Flashback Pheasant Tail
Goldbead Flashback Pheasant Tail
Blackbead Full Flashback Pheasant Tail
Copperbead Full Flashback Pheasant Tail
Goldbead Full Flashback Pheasant Tail
Goldbead Pheasant Tail copper thorax
Pheasant Tail Copper Copperbead
Pheasant Tail Kiwi Goldbead
Pheasant Tail Kiwi Copperbead
Pheasant Tail Mohawk Copperbead
Pheasant Tail Mohawk Goldbead
Pheasant Tail NoHackle Goldbead
Pheasant Tail NoHackle Copperbead
Pheasant Tail peacock Copperbead
Pheasant Tail peacock Goldbead
Pheasant Tail Swimming

Tungsten Beadhead Attractor Nymphs
Franks Flashback tungsten blackbead
Tungsten Blue&Red lime rib
Tungsten Blue&Red peacock
Tungsten Blue&Red red rib
Tungsten Orange&Lumo lime rib
Tungsten Orange&Lumo peacock
Tungsten Orange&Lumo red rib
Tungsten Blackbead BigO
Tungsten Blackbead Black Pearl
Tungsten Blackbead Dans Nymph
Tungsten Blackbead Prince
Tungsten Blackbead Brown Gold Flashback
Tungsten Blackbead Shaggy green
Tungsten Copperbead Copperjohn
Tungsten Copperbead Prince
Tungsten Copperbead Quasimoto
Tungsten Copperbead Quasimoto Doubleback Flash
Tungsten Goldbead Brown Gold Flashback
Tungsten Goldbead Copperjohn
Tungsten Goldbead Copperflash
Tungsten Goldbead Blackpearl
Tungsten Goldbead Fuzzy Prince
Tungsten Goldbead Prince
Tungsten Goldbead Olive&Claret
Tungsten Nickelbead BigO
Tungsten Nickelbead Copperjohn
Tungsten Metallic Bluebead Prince
Tungsten Metallic Redbead Red Copperjohn
Tungsten Rainbowbead Prince
Tungsten Metallic Redbead Prince
Tungsten Nickelbead Prince
Tungsten Metallic Bluebead Quasimoto
Tungsten Metallic Pinkbead Prince
Tungsten Metallic Pinkbead Quasimoto
Tungsten Rainbowbead Quasimoto
Tungsten Nickelbead Quasimoto
Tungsten Nickelbead Quasimoto Doubleback Flash
Tungsten Nickelbead Nymph Deluxe
Tungsten Silverbead Prince
Tungsten Silverbead Quasimoto

Tungsten Beadhead Caddis Nymphs
Tungsten Blackbead Cadillac Pheasant Tail
Tungsten Blackbead Super Pupa
Tungsten Copperbead Cadillac Pheasant Tail
Tungsten Copperbead Flashback Pheasant Tail Grub
Tungsten Copperbead Stick Caddis
Tungsten Goldbead Bubbleback Emerger
Tungsten Goldbead Cadillac Pheasant Tail
Tungsten Nickelbead Blue Poison
Tungsten Nickelbead Cadillac Pheasant Tail
Tungsten Nickelbead Flashback Caddis Olive
Tungsten Nickelbead Flashback Pheasant Tail Grub
Tungsten Blackbead Z Wing green
Tungsten Copperbead Z Wing green

Tungsten Beadhead Hare Nymphs
Tungsten Blackbead Hare Angel
Tungsten Blackbead Hare&Copper
Tungsten Blackbead Hares Ear olive
Tungsten Blackbead Hare&Squirrel
Tungsten Copperbead Hare&Copper
Tungsten Copperbead Hare&CopperX
Tungsten Copperbead Hare&Copper black
Tungsten Goldbead Hare&CopperX
Tungsten Lumobead Hare&Copper
Tungsten Orangebead Hare&Copper
Tungsten Pinkbead Hare&Copper
Tungsten Goldbead Hare&Copper
Tungsten Blackbead Hare&Copper black
cTungsten FluoroOrangebead Hare&Copper black
Tungsten FluoroPinkbead Hare&Copper black
Tungsten Goldbead Hare&Copper black
Tungsten Lumobead Hare&Copper black
Tungsten Goldbead Goldribbed Hares Ear
Tungsten Goldbead Goldribbed Hares Ear Flashback
Tungsten Nickelbead Hare&Copper
Tungsten Nickelbead Hares Ear olive
Tungsten Nickelbead Hare&Copper black
Tungsten Silverbead Hare&Copper black

Tungsten Beadhead Pheasant Tails
Tungsten Blackbead Pheasant Tail Hare Thorax
Tungsten Blackbead Flashback Pheasant Tail
Tungsten Copperbead Pheasant Tail
Tungsten Copperbead Pheasant Tail Kiwi
Tungsten Copperbead Flashback Pheasant Tail
Tungsten Copperbead Flashback Pheasant Tail Grub
Tungsten Copperbead Pheasant Tail Hare Thorax
Tungsten Copperbead Quasimoto
Tungsten Goldbead Flashback Pheasant Tail
Tungsten Goldbead Pheasant Tail
Tungsten Goldbead Pheasant Tail copper nohackle
Tungsten Blackbead Pheasant Tail copper thorax
Tungsten Copperbead Pheasant Tail copper thorax
Tungsten Goldbead Pheasant Tail copper
Tungsten Goldbead Pheasant Tail copper thorax
Tungsten Nickelbead Pheasant Tail copper thorax
Tungsten Orangebead Pheasant Tail copper thorax
Tungsten Copperbead Pheasant Tail Blue Flashback
Tungsten Copperbead Pheasant Tail Pearl Flashback
Tungsten Goldbead Pheasant Tail Blue Flashback
Tungsten Goldbead Pheasant Tail Pearl Flashback
Tungsten Goldbead Pheasant Tail Kiwi
Tungsten Goldbead Pheasant Tail No Hackle
Tungsten Goldbead Pheasant Tail Hare Thorax
Tungsten Lumobead Pheasant Tail Hare Thorax
Tungsten Nickelbead Flashback Pheasant Tail
Tungsten Nickelbead Pheasant Tail Hare Thorax
Tungsten Orangebead Pheasant Tail Hare Thorax
Tungsten Pinkbead Pheasant Tail Hare Thorax